Tall Essentials and Where To Find Them II

Hello, again, and welcome to the second edition of Tall Essentials and Where To Find Them. If you missed the first one, just take a look here first: Tall Essentials and Where To Find Them I. I’m still just focusing on basics, right now. Sometimes, I see a picture of some exotic, beautiful item of clothing, shoes, or jewelry, and I think “That looks like something out of a fairytale!” Once in a blue moon, I’ll buy it, whether it be clothes or jewelry or dazzling eyeshadow. But here’s the thing: I never wear it. Seriously, I’ve thrown out makeup that’s sat in my bathroom for two years, unused. I’ve donated jewelry and shirts. I love beautiful things, but if it’s too shiny or flashy or ornate, it’s probably not for me. At least for now. Who knows? I once thought I’d never own a pair of heels.

What I’m recommending to you are the types of clothes I have (the first items I bought once I discovered online shopping) from the types of stores I shop at. The internet is an amazing thing, and since the painful experiences of my teenage years, shopping has become a much pleasanter experience, just a little different. For you tall daughters, odds are most of your shopping won’t be at the mall with your friends. Still go, of course. Enjoy a snack together, look for jewelry or t-shirts, but know that most long sleeved tops, and nearly all pants, will be purchased online.

And there are a plethora of resources out there for us now. So many it makes my head spin. So again, I’m only listing a few of my favorite shops here, but you can go to tallwomen.org for a list of online resources that will overwhelm you.


You already have that perfect pair (or pairs) of jeans that can go from day to night, or even a casual workday. But you now need a good pair of slacks (or linen pants for warm climates). These can be for work, for church, for social gatherings that are special enough where jeans just won’t cut it (somehow I’m still thinking office parties). Even if you work from home or are a student, you need a nice pair of slacks for occasions that are just a step above jeans.

For that first pair, I recommend something that can match anything, like a classic grey wool or linen. I know that might sound boring, but you want to be able to mix and match tops, which can be colorful and fun, and are usually cheaper and easier to come by! Stores I recommend are Longtallsally, Egue.de/long-in-style (you’ll want to translate to English or click the little British flag in the top right corner), and Dorothy Perkins (under the Tall collection). There are many sites where you can find tall jeans, but tall slacks are a bit harder to come by. I have to say, I haven’t found anything to beat Longtallsally (LTS) for the size and variety of the collection. Here are a couple I found, and I love these khakis from Dorothy Perkins!


Dorothy Perkins


I love long-sleeved jackets! It’s so delightful not to have cold wrists anymore. You can find t-shirts and short-sleeved shirts in most stores, and hopefully, you already have that essential long-sleeved top (or more), but now you need that jacket that can be worn spring, fall, and on cool summer nights. Sometimes, if the weather isn’t too harsh, you can layer and wear it in winter. I have two, both from LTS, but I’ve found a few more sites I want to try, like Dorothy Perkins, Egue.de/long-in-style,  and Talltique. I really want this bomber jacket from Talltique, and it’s on sale!




Tennis shoes/Sneakers

You have the shoes that you can wear around all day and still go out at night. Now you need a good pair of tennis shoes: because you need something you can just be lazy in with friends or family, go hiking, running, marathon shopping, go to the gym, basically anything except office wear. You can even pull off tennis shoes with a skirt for a girls night out! Maybe not if they’re your gym shoes, so pick a priority. Again, I have to plug LTS, just because I’ve yet to find anything else with variety and a decent number of options in sizes larger than 13 (but always check the sizing and review tabs, sometimes the sizes aren’t uniform).

I wear 14 women’s, and some of those websites that say “extended sizes” really just mean size 13 if you’re lucky, and most of those might as well be in the men’s section (I’m looking at you, Nordstrom Rack!). But in addition to LTS, I can recommend Inkkas, Zappos, and Amazon.com. Also, if you’re on Instagram, the lovely Amanda has a page for women size 10 and up, called size10andup, who is full of resources and knowledge!

Inkkas (love the skulls!)


Inkkas (couldn’t decide on just one ;-D)

I hope this has been useful!

Please send me your best recommendations and favorite sites, or sites that didn’t work out so well. And be sure to subscribe to be notified of new posts and to receive a monthly tall-women’s sale watch, starting in April!